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Poet Sam Hammill was invited to have lunch at the White House with Laura Bush on February 12th to celebrate the Voice of the American Poet.  Sam sent out a request to all poets for a poem or letter of conscience to include in an anthology to present to The First Lady.  Not surprisingly, the luncheon was canceled.  The anthology, however, exists.  Visit
Here, my contribution of Haiku:


red drops gleam

catching setting sun's last rays

father, brother scream


blood seeps from her

the setting sun's light warms

our dying mother's face


rockets explode

a butterfly of color

in my father's chest


toddler falls

neighbors fleeing

crush her limbs


eight years old

my back against a stone house wall

I watch neighbors die


bombs threaten children

nation's leader's ladies

gather for lunch and poems


                                    (c) 2003 Linda Lockett Eisele

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