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Live and Let Live
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I live in the countryside in Switzerland.  It's beautiful.  Here is my garden.  It's where this poem happened.



Live and Let Live


that is my motto

and so weeds

with pretty flowers

grow in my garden

wherever they like,

wild strawberries take over

the flower hill.


Sweeping my walk,

I knock a purple-weed flower.

Red beetles rain upon concrete steps.

I watch father, mother, older sister

scurry in the sweepings, then see

the tiniest speck of red, legs invisible - a baby brother.


From a finger hole in the window shutter,

a wasp stares at me.  I jiggle the shutter. The wasp crawls out.


I see the baby daddy long legs after it is too late.

Three legs run in place,

his body pasted to the ground

I step with my rubber shoe sole.


Behind a sack of earth, I spy the biggest, fattest,

most colorful spider I have ever seen,

his wife and teenage daughter.

Father and mother refuse to leave.

Their daughter flees. 

"You do not know my motto," I tell her,

"and you don't know my feelings."

I sweep around them, place a fresh bag

of earth in front of their nest.

Peeking, I see them moving in the shadows.


For the first time all morning, I hear

a bird is singing

in the hedge.

Linda Lockett Eisele 2002


Write a poem about the animals, large or small, in your back yard.  I would love to see it!  I could create a page just for you and publish it here!  Do you know how to leave me a message?