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Wendy Overin's Resume
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 Wendy Overin



Whittier College, Whittier, CA: California Teaching Credential, H.S. English, 1993-94

University of California Irvine, Irvine, CA: Bachelor of Arts Degree, Dance, 1970-72                      

Fullerton Community College, Fullerton, CA: Associate of Arts Degree, Liberal Arts/Elmt Ed, 1963-65


Mansoor, Yoga, Shivananda tradition, Rishikesh, India       2001

Ruth Hatfield, Ideokinetic Alignment, Berkeley, CA            1982

Keriac, Contact Improvisation, San Francisco, CA             1981    

Nancy Henderson, Ballet, San Francisco, CA                     1980 

Irini Nadel, Movement Theater, San Francisco, CA            1979

Sheri Rollison, Alignment and Floor Barre, Oakland, CA    1976-78       

Annelise Rothman, Movement Improvisation for Parents and Children, San Francisco, CA 1976

Tamera Greenberg, Dance Therapy, Proskauer Breathing Techniques, Oakland, CA 1973-75

Eugene Loring, Ballet, Choreography, Irvine, CA               1970-72

Lucile McClure, Ballet, Whittier, CA                                  l968-70    

Harriet De Rea, Ballet, Hollywood, CA                             1965-66

Alexander Nigodoff, Ballet, Pas de Deux, Pasadena, CA   1964-65             

Mona Frances, Ballet, Whittier,  CA                                  1953-66


Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing, Elementary Syllabus           1970


Cecchetti Council of America Incorporated, Graded Syllabus I-V     1954-62 


Young Performer's Theater, Dancer and Stage Manager                1986

Framework's Production -- 'First Light' by Betsy Banks Daley       1981

Ad Hoc Moving Theater                                                                1973-81

Polymusion Dance Company                                                         1977-79

University of California Irvine Production, 'Folk Dances of a Mythical Country' by Eugene Loring                                                                                           1972

Whittier Civic Ballet Company, Principal Dancer                            1959-65


Yoga Instructor, Indian River School District, Adult Education, Georgetown, DE, 2002 - present

Yoga Instructor, Methodist Manor House, Wellness Center, Seaford, DE, 2002 - present

Yoga Instructor, Allen Community Center, George Town, DE,  2001 - present

Ballet Instructor, American Dance, Petaluma, 1995-96      

Body Alignment & Creative Visualization, The Palms Retirement Residence, La Mirada, CA, Ballet Instructor, 1994

Ballet Instructor, Barstow Parks and Recreation Dept., Barstow, CA, 1992

Ballet and Creative Dance Instructor, Golden Gate Ballet Center, San Francisco, CA, 1989  

Choreographic Assistant, National Endowment for Humanities grant, Holy Names College, Oakland, CA, 1978-79

References provided upon request

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