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Global Warming


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     The following was written by people who are working to do something about global warming, or, as my brother Brian Lockett puts it: "Enhanced Global Climate Variability." 
I encourage you to visit their internet site: 
and to sign the petition.
     While I'm at it...  Please read Al Gore's book, "Earth in the Balance."  And please do whatever you can to encourage Al to run for president in 2004.
 Climate Change IS a Problem! Take Action Now!

More and more scientists across the globe agree that climate change caused by greenhouse gas emission is happening!  It is argued that by 2100, worldwide temperatures would be 1.4 to 5.8 Celsius higher than today!  What does that mean?  It means that ocean levels will rise by nearly two feet, and thousands of miles of coastline will be lost forever to the sea.  It means that climatic conditions for animals and plants will change.  Polar Bears who already have trouble finding enough food to sustain life will have even more trouble. Only the animals and plants that are the most adaptable and mobile will survive.  Animals like cockroaches will probably make it, but we may lose thousands of species to extinction all due to climate change.  Climate change also means chaotic weather patterns: rain and floods in central Europe, hurricanes off the west coast of Mexico, drastic shifts between cold and hot temperatures.  The number of "freak incidents" in the last ten years has more than doubled!  And what is worse, it affects communities disproportionately!  Studies show that climate changes is likely to affect the poorest countries much more than some of the richer countries.  It might not matter to some in the United States to lose some coastal properties (unless you live in those coastal cities).  But some Island nations may be completely lost to the sea! 
At this point, hundreds of nations across the globe are ratifying the Kyoto protocol.  An international treaty to reduce global greenhouse gases.  The United States is one of the last nations to support it!  The US government, instead of taking action, has decided that we should study the phenomenon of global warming for another ten years!  There are alternative fuels, there are technological advances to help alleviate the pains of reducing our green house gas emissions.  Take action now.  Sign the petition to tell our President to take a lead role in helping protect our beautiful earth and its creatures for future generations.  It takes 30 seconds. 
Please copy and forward this message to others.  Thank you!
# 1,569   1/10/03  11:00 PM   Linda Eisele, Switzerland
To access petitions you can sign to help increase awareness of additional environmental concerns, click on:

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